Not-for-profit FrogskinU Educational Foundation Ltd. teaches students essential money skills that are relevant to their everyday lives with our in school program Swamp Secrets Revealed and through our workshop Swamp Secrets on the Fly! Designed to be engaging and interactive, we’re targeting middle-school youth.

Discover FrogskinU’s Swamp Secrets Revealed and Swamp Secrets on the Fly!

Where other initiatives are focused on high school and university students, we reach children in grades five and six, who are already barraged with advertising and incredible pressures to spend. Delivered with a swampy twist, Swamp Secrets Revealed and Swamp Secrets on the Fly! identify the emotional appeal marketers use and turn it around by spotting schemes, scams and fraud, and how to avoid money trouble.

We teach kids how money works AND how to be a savvy consumer. That’s a powerfully distinct combination. It’s one thing to learn about money. It’s another thing to recognize the lures and traps lurking in the swamp.

It’s fun. It’s engaging. It’s easy to deliver with a FrogskinU facilitator.

Swamp Secrets Revealed includes five, one-hour modules covering topics ranging from the price of money, to scams and to banking, helps young students manoeuvre through the financial swamp in life. Interactive activities like Budgeting with Bugs and Getting Slimed teach kids the factors that influence their spending and how to see the hidden cash beyond the computer chip.

Swamp Secrets on the Fly! teaches all of the above condensed into a four hour workshop.