Animal Adoption Scams

Here’s how they lure you in: they start with a sorrowful backstory and a super cute photo, sure to tug at your heartstrings. The scam artist will weave a long tale of why the payment or deposit must be made before delivering your new family member—through wire-transfer, cryptocurrency, or shipped in a pre-paid credit card. Then, while awaiting expectantly, you can be sure to expect the unexpected. The fraudster will request more money to get you to come to the creature’s rescue, usually for emergency vet services. Often, there will be a terrifying deadline claiming the animal’s life is hanging in the balance. The real deal: once they’ve got a hold of your money, your imaginary pet and money will be gone.

FrogskinU informs and engages students with practical tips to identify schemes and scams, along with pragmatic methods to avoid getting caught in a fraudster’s web.

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