High Schoolers Learn to Spot a Scam

In FrogskinU’s recent pilot of Spot a Scam©, more than 500 students took part in the pilot, spanning three academic terms. Using behavioural economics to our benefit, our approach takes students behind the scenes to see what’s really real. Knowing how much youth hate injustice, we just lay out the scenarios in a visceral manner and watch the sparks fly.

The program was a big hit—with all ages actively engaged. Even adult-aged students were seen face palming, groaning and high-fiving. Scorecard testing shows students’ strong retention of key strategies designed to inoculate them from being scammed. According to class facilitators, seeing a visceral response to closely held money myths was one of the class highlights. Students experienced firsthand on the “why and how” to fact-check your sources in order to avoid confirmation bias and affinity fraud.

"As the students looked at the Spot a Scam© cards and we talked about some of the answers, I started thinking about this activity being the most important of all financial conversations. Each one of the Spot a Scam© cards leads to a bigger conversation and opens up an opportunity to talk about the scam itself, why people get sucked in, and then what a better option would be.” –Michael, High School Teacher

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