How many of us will be scammed this year? What is the opportunity cost of our habits? FrogskinU’s specialized game-play inspires you to learn how to make your money grow and protect it. Our multi-disciplinary programs make learning fun and interactive - aligned with relevant, real life problems and situations - targeted at your age and level.

“FrogskinU provides all ages with the tools they need to understand and navigate the complexities of the financial world. They become prepared to think critically as consumers and equip them for the financial challenges they will face.”

- Mark Pallas | Manager, Investigations
Enforcement Department | Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada





We know today’s digital natives are prolific consumers, and that they greatly influence their family’s budget. In the age of misinformation, more than ever before, we’re all vulnerable to high-pressure and hidden tactics. FrogskinU programs are aimed at providing the missing link to the battle for your attention — and money. Students discover what it takes to save and invest for their future goals. They experience risk vs reward, opportunity cost and the law of diminishing returns. They see compound interest in real time — for good and bad. They gain understanding of banking best-practices, the latest and greatest schemes and scams and the pitfalls of plastic. They learn to lower the pressure on your money tree — creating a knowledge base that works.



FrogskinU games can be played individually or in a group, or as experiential learning support for our key lessons — building practice and confidence in the issues students are faced with today. Our games are fun and interactive, and like the real world, designed to simulate a peer-infused environment that increases in complexity with age. Multi-media lesson support for group classes available.

Boggy’s Frogtastic Bayou

Advanced students test their knowledge with this flash-card game about compounding frogs—and interest.

Buggy Budgeting

Gain experience managing a budget with real-life choices and consequences. Featuring a twist on the benefits of delayed gratification, with Croak Cards© taking players by surprise—forcing the need to re balance income and ‘outcome’.

Sink or Swim

Test your knowledge with this flash-card game featuring eye-bugging insights into the good, bad and ugly of today’s marketplace. A great spark for the money-talk.

Spot the Scam

Experience the art of being scammed—over and over again— in all shapes and sizes. In the age of misinformation, Spot the Scam© decks include scenarios faced by age group and region, by type of swindler and delivery method (commercial, corporate, investor) and delivery (social-media, ads, click bait, text/e-mail, in-store, signs/posters, etc.). Cards include unpacking scams, insights from real-life Officers, prevention tips and links for further action.

Try Your Life On–for Size

Look into your future and gain valuable experience and insight into your standard-of-living. Players experience opportunity cost and return-on-investment for their life’s choices, including education and the future of work, activities and pursuits, career goals and spending. Croak Cards©, based on triggering events, take players by surprise, with real-life curve-balls—eliciting groans and face-palming — leaving students questioning their life’s choices — and learning through their mates. Expansion packs progress in complexity and choices, including credit/debt and investing simulations.


FrogskinU’s programs integrate ‘real’ and virtual life with dynamic, relevant and memorable experiences. Our content is updated regularly, ensuring lessons are based on real-life data including: Latest and greatest scams; Money myths; Cost of Living; Education costs and return-on-investment. Our programs boosted students from a “D” to “B” grade in pre- and post-testing. More importantly, our students report they’re making better decisions with their money and actively engaging in planning their financial future.


“Each Spot the Scam card leads to a bigger conversation—about the scam itself, why people get sucked in, and then what a better option would be.”

- Michael | High School Teacher



Sometimes, we need a little help visualizing the best way to handle our money. Here are a few Calculators provided by Practical Money Skills Canada to give you an edge with your money management skills.


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Whether you are a parent or an educator, one of the most important skills you can pass on to the youth in your life is financial knowledge. But often, we don't know where to begin. FrogskinU takes the guesswork out of financial education and lays out a clear, research-backed path to financial success, with more than a little fun along the way!