What does FrogskinU mean? This simple question starts an engaging conversation about the money swamp. Our unique lesson plans are designed for ease of delivery and provide an engaging experience. Students gain the skills necessary to become involved with their finances and become knowledgeable consumer advocates—21st century style. We help youth connect the dots between their choices, their values and their ability to influence the world in which they live. Our results are also positive outside of the classroom, with students making better decisions and actively engaging in planning their financial future.

FrogskinU provided a 21st Century opportunity to investigate and explore nuances in multiple ways,
with a focus on how to be safe with money and prevent being taken advantage of.
A highly successful and amazing adventure for all students!

- Jeannie | School Principal


At FrogskinU, our games and multi-media lessons are the result of intensive testing and tweaking by our team of specialists. Our students learn age-relevant skills and understanding to stay financially smart in today’s hyper world of digital money. Each of our curriculum-infused lessons feature interactive multi-media support, supporting engagement, understanding and ease of delivery. Lessons are designed for level-up learning for all ages and stages. Each lesson focuses on a specific theme featuring baked-in connections for peer and family members. Each lesson is coupled with an interactive game to reinforce experiential learning.


Students learn skills to look before they leap, including:

Defense against:

  • Passive attitudes about money;
  • The Ins and Outs of your bank account(s);
  • Growing schemes, scams and fraud;
  • Speed of invisible money;
  • The pitfalls of all-too-easy credit;
  • Multi-billion marketing push to Buy Now!

Develop capabilities to:

  • Engage in building healthy money habits now and for the future;
  • Control the positive and negative power of interest;
  • Cut through the consumer noise;
  • Skills and understanding to stay financially fit in today’s hyper world of digital money.


Our games can be played individually or in a group, or as experiential learning support for our key lessons— building practice and confidence of the issues students are faced with at their age and stage. Our games are fun and interactive, and like the real world, designed to simulate a peer-infused environment that increases in complexity with age.



Whether you’re a teacher, community leader, human resources or marketing specialist, contact us to see how FrogskinU can help your community grow to become consumer savvy and money smart.

FrogskinU in-a-Box

You can select any individual plug & play multi-media lessons with accompanying game—delivered by your community leader or educator. Training is available.

Swamp Secrets Program

Our turn-key program packages all key lessons and games for your school or community group, complete with multi-media back-drop.


Our expert facilitators come prepared to make your in-school class or community workshop a success. Content can also be customized for your community.


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Whether you are a parent or an educator, one of the most important skills you can pass on to the youth in your life is financial knowledge. But often, we don't know where to begin. FrogskinU takes the guesswork out of financial education and lays out a clear, research-backed path to financial success, with more than a little fun along the way!